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I loved the TV show Futurama. I thought it was quirky, fun, adventurous, and downright hilarious. I’m gonna miss Bender and his conceited ways, Fry and his crazy antics and love for Leela, and really, just everything about the show. Futurama was one of my favorite shows on television because it was smart and funny. The writing for many of their shows was simply superb, and I could mark episode after episode on where the writing surpassed almost anything I’ve seen.

For an animated TV show, Futurama was great. It gave me almost a “Family Guy” feel in the beginning, but then I realized that it was smarter than that. The show should go down as one of the greats, and I hope that it is remembered as such.

I just read an article on The Verge that was an interview with the show’s creator and top writer David X. Cohen. You guys should definitely read it if you watched Futurama. I can only imagine how hard it is to part with something that has been a part of you for more than a decade. It will always be remembered as one of his best works and I wish Cohen the best of luck in the future (ha, see what I did?).

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