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Why Blog?

I think everyone who owns a blog should write a post like this. I don’t know if I’m writing it too early, but I thought it’d be a cool thing to write about.

I blog because I enjoy talking about things that interest me. I don’t even talk about all those interests because the purpose of this specific blog is to not have to be serious about anything I do. I write because I want to on here, not to advertise or make a profit, but to build up a network of bloggers and friends to talk to about the things we love and maybe one day work on a viable venture that could lead to some income.

Many people have made it big blogging, and I’m not looking to create the next Huffington Post or Gawker, I just want to create a blog that generates at least a decent readership of people who love entertainment.

Do I hope to one day make money writing? Well, that would be the easiest job for me to do and I would enjoy doing it. But right now, it’s not about the money, it’s about the blog, and the content. Just because I don’t make any money doesn’t mean the blog shouldn’t make quality posts. Everybody has their humble beginnings, and I’m hoping that That’s What I Like can be my very own beginning. The blog’s not going to be around forever, that’s for sure. I’m going to want to move on to other things, and blog about other things one day, but I hope that if I ever do become a well known writer, that people can remember this blog, and think of it as my  humble beginning.

This blog can very easily fail. Without dedication, it will be nothing. But with dedication, the blog can mean everything. And I think anyone who has a vision for the world, or just a love for something, they should create a blog. Those are the people who inspire me. They want to create something where they can share their voice and be heard on the topics that they care about. I care about their opinions more than I care about some movie critic’s opinions, or any mainstream news media’s opinions.

Power to the people, and the blogosphere attest to that. I created a blog to be heard and to create a network of people that I may one day be able to work with. Why do you blog?


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

My review of this movie has been a bit overdue. I saw it the day it came out and have just neglected posting a review of it until today.

To begin with, I love Peter Jackson and his work in adapting Tolkien’s novels to the big screen. Lord of the Rings was an amazing trilogy, it wasn’t without its flaws but, the movies were done extremely well and I don’t think they could ever be done better.

Was this movie better than the first one? Absolutely, however I quite enjoyed the first one, it set the stage for everything to follow. However, I could rant about the fans who annoy me, but not today. Maybe some other day…tomorrow.

Yes, the movie was better than last year’s An Unexpected Journey. There was so much more action, and there was always something going on. Laketown was probably the most boring part of the movie, but it was necessary to the story. You can’t always be hacking and slashing your way through orcs. Laketown, however slow it made the movie feel was an extremely necessary part of the movie as it also has significance in the next movie. *wink*

There were inclusions of things that were not in the book (however, added masterfully to add to the story and stuck true to the premise of the novel). You had Legolas included, and a little bit of a love interest going on with previously nonexistent character Tauriel, played by Evangeline Lilly. Like any story, there has to be a love story involved. Other than have hit handed to him like the LOTR novels did, Peter Jackson had to create one out of thin air. I think the addition of Tauriel was actually an enjoyable one, and if you see the movie, I think you’ll enjoy her presence too.

Like last year’s first installment of the series, the acting was simply superb. There was one acting problem I did have a problem with. I want to like Lee Pace as Thranduil, I really do. But I felt that his acting during the dwarves time in Mirkwood was overdone. I felt this his movements were a bit overly dramatic and they didn’t feel natural to me. Other than that, I have no problems with Lee Pace as an actor, he was picked for Thranduil for a reason.

Ken Stott as Balin is just amazing. I’m not the only one that will tell you that either. Many critics and fans are really proud of Stott’s portrayal of the wise Balin. He also rocks that beard.

Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen are both amazing actors. Hard to believe that he was that guy in Love Actually making a dirty movie. Oh how far he’s come. Having film veteran McKellen come back to reprise his role as Gandalf was very important to me.

But onward! To what really matters! The movie as a whole! The graphics with Smaug made me want to cry with tears of joy!

Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice was amazing. No one could do it better. The movie’s progression was much better than the first. And the cliffhanger at the end… wow!

All in all, blows last year’s movie right out of the water. However, sales this year are not booming. Why? Last year’s film. But I encourage you to see this movie by any means! Whether you like the first one or not, this movie is not only a redeemer, but it’s simply just a wonderful movie. The journey has just gotten to its “holy shit” phase.

Out of 10, this baby gets a 9.5.


I loved the TV show Futurama. I thought it was quirky, fun, adventurous, and downright hilarious. I’m gonna miss Bender and his conceited ways, Fry and his crazy antics and love for Leela, and really, just everything about the show. Futurama was one of my favorite shows on television because it was smart and funny. The writing for many of their shows was simply superb, and I could mark episode after episode on where the writing surpassed almost anything I’ve seen.

For an animated TV show, Futurama was great. It gave me almost a “Family Guy” feel in the beginning, but then I realized that it was smarter than that. The show should go down as one of the greats, and I hope that it is remembered as such.

I just read an article on The Verge that was an interview with the show’s creator and top writer David X. Cohen. You guys should definitely read it if you watched Futurama. I can only imagine how hard it is to part with something that has been a part of you for more than a decade. It will always be remembered as one of his best works and I wish Cohen the best of luck in the future (ha, see what I did?).

Also guys! Check me out on Google+. I just got it, and I’ll be making a move to Twitter shortly. So keep updated on my social networking whereabouts so you guys can keep up with me. It’s hard to do, I move pretty fast. Let’s create our own community of entertainment freaks! Add me to your circles and I’ll be sure to add you to mine!

Family Guy Xmas Episode (SPOILER)


Like many other Family Guy fans, I knew that Brian was not truly dead. Seth MacFarlane would not kill off one of the show’s biggest cash cows. But that common sense was not expressed in other Family Guy fans, who nearly rioted over the death of our furry friend, Brian.

On November 27th, Family Guy supposedly “killed off” the major character in perhaps the most morbid episode they’ve ever had.Even on December 8th’s episode, the Griffin family’s new dog Vinny appeared in the opening credits of the show (a slap in the face for many fans).

Many fans began concocting ways that Brian would come back, stating that Santa may return the favor when Brian and Stewie saved the Christmas spirit and Santa’s health. Others believed that Santa would bring Stewie the tools needed for another time machine. And others simply stated the obvious fact that Stewie pointed out, during the show that Brian died, that he had gone into the future to get all the brand new toys early. It was the latter that turned out to ring true.

I was more surprised that Stewie didn’t think of it and that the writers just had it happen by coincidence, but it made for a funny storyline, and that’s what matters the most. I do commend the Family Guy producers and writers at creating a story that was able to piss off so many fans and then just boost the ratings again. Of course, that’s all it was for… ratings. But you gotta love it when a TV show like “Family Guy” does something like that. You need to mix it up every now and again or else the show’s just gonna lack the fun it had before. I loved the Stewie Kills Lois and Lois Kills Stewie shows. They were interesting, and they kept me watching the show to know what happened. I’m surprised that Family Guy’s producers did not drag the charade on longer. The amount of viewers that Family Guy received last night were through the roof. Why? Because people wanted to see what happened.

Again, I actually think that this was a pretty good stunt on both MacFarlane’s part, and everyone at the Family Guy studio. I enjoyed it, and hope that they can top this in another season. But for now, let’s enjoy normalcy returning to the Griffin household.

Why I Love The Classics

Yay! We made a milestone. Today is the first true post. I won’t be posting everyday because that makes my blog feel like a chore rather than a fun hobby. However, I will make sure to post often. Any who, here we go…

When I think of something that I’d like to read, it’s hard for me to think of a modern novel. I don’t know what it is, but I could never really get into a modern novel. Maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough, but why try to get into something that I don’t believe I’m going to enjoy? There’s just something about the classical novels that get my attention more than anything else.

Modern novels lack that clinching first line. They lack the amazing character development offered to you by Dickens, Mark Twain, Tolkien, and numerous other classical authors. Too many modernists focus on action, and using war as a constantly used topic. Classics offer a plot that is almost always original, giving you characters that you fall in love with, and a story that you know you’re going to want to read over and over because you know that the more you read, the more you will understand. Now, of course, I may be wrong. Feel free to point that out at any time. But hear me out, that the classics will always outdo modern novels in every single way.

I have read modern literature, however. Perhaps one of my favorites is Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book. The book to me is a modern classic. I could talk about that book all day because the writing is simply superb. I haven’t read much by Neil Gaiman except that book, but because I was able to read one of his more spectacular works, I’d be open to reading more by him. I also read a book called Cracker which is a book about a dog that has to go in Vietnam after her family can no longer care for her because they had to move to a place that doesn’t accept dogs. Cracker then goes to a training camp and is paired up with a young man who wants to get away from the family business. I loved that book as well. But many books that I’ve tried to read have not done it for me. I did not enjoy reading Harry Potter, in fact, I never finished the first book because I got bored with it. I’m open to trying Game of Thrones again, but I’m not sure I’ll get into it.

I love the classics because you can read them more than once and you just know you’ll love it every single time. I can read The Pickwick Papers and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn along with The Hobbit any day. I’ve read those books more than 3 times each, and I’ll read them again and again because the book has a timeless story. I look at today’s authors and they pump out book after book. Look at James Patterson. He has numerous amounts of books that he has written, and he has made millions of dollars off of those novels, but to me, that amount of writing makes the novel he writes less special. I don’t feel like Patterson is giving each book his all. Same with Stephen King (however I do enjoy reading some of his stuff), Jodi Picoult, among other modern authors.

The continuous pumping out story after story gets to a point where I not only can’t keep up, but the story doesn’t feel special. I know that when I’m reading a classic, the book is special. There’s always a little bit of author put into it. I can understand Charles Dickens without reading a biography just by reading his novels and essays. If I was an author, I’d put not only my heart and soul into the book, but I’d make sure that it will top any other book I have written. I’d try to perfect my writing, not just go with the flow.

Simply, that’s why the classics to me will always be the best. And I hope you guys enjoyed this post, seeing as it is the first among many more that I wish to share. If you liked the post, please hit the “like” button, and if you think that you’ll enjoy this blog just by reading this post, please hit the “follow” button. It all means a lot to me. Thank you.


Hello WordPress world! I’m Nathaniel Bryant, and I’d just like to say welcome to my blog! It’s exciting that this is my first post. I can’t wait to get everything started and have fun. After a long while, I just came to the conclusion that I love entertainment. Movies, books, games, everything. For a long time, and still to this very minute, I feel like I’m surrounded by a world that’s to engrossed in pessimism. “The economy’s bad,” I know it is, I’ll be getting a degree in it after high school. But I just thought, even in a world that’s absolutely full of chaos, full of people who can’t find their happy place, that I would attempt to create a happy place for myself.

I absolutely looove watching movies, reading books (particularly classics), playing video games, and watching sports. I’ll get the chance to talk about all of that here. Because here, on this blog, I don’t have to be serious, except when I’m criticizing something. I don’t have to talk economics or politics with anyone, or have any worries because WordPress has offered me that chance to get a way. Posting on here, and garnering followers, and maybe even working with some people on “stuff”, can offer me that getaway, even if only for a short while.

We all need a break. We all just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy life instead of worrying about it. So I hope everyone who stops by this blog enjoys it, and please give me comments and feedback because I love hearing those. I particularly love hearing the criticisms because I like to laugh at the stupid things they point out.

So yeah… that’s about it. It’s too early so I won’t bother asking you to follow me yet. But thanks for reading!