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Rant #1: My Problem With Hobbit Haters

I told you guys that I would be doing a ranting post. And after you read this, you may find out that I love to go on rants. So I thought I’ll number my rants so you know what to expect out of these kinds of posts. I’ll also create a category on the blog also. So. Here. We. Go.

Like I said in my review of The Desolation of Smaug. I really enjoyed the first film as a whole. I thought that the action was placed in the movie very well to keep the movie going, and Peter Jackson did what he could to keep it interesting. The movie was the foray into Bilbo’s journey with the dwarves on their quest to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom of Erabor from the evil dragon Smaug. In order to get the story right and to help the viewer understand everything that is going on, it was necessary for Peter Jackson to take his time. Wonderful reasoning for dividing the story up into three films.

Did I read the book? You bet I did. And I think that most people who watched the movie did not. Peter Jackson does a good job of sticking to the story he was given, but like any other producer/director he makes changes not only to accommodate the viewer but those who read the book as well. I think too many people went in there (the theater) and expected the movie to be almost exactly like the book. What people don’t realize is that it’s not going to make for a very good movie.

If you read the book (if you haven’t, I highly suggest that you do) you know that there are things that Tolkien did not go in depth with. Of course, we know Gandalf’s ulterior motives in joining the dwarves on their noble quest. Smaug had the potential (and likelihood) of being recruited by the Necromancer (Sauron) in joining his army. If Smaug had been recruited by Sauron, the war of the One Ring would have been a much different story. It would have been less of a war, and more of a slaughter. In the second movie, Jackson actually visualized what went down when Gandalf went to Dol Guldur. Jackson did this so those who did not read the book understand what is going on behind the scenes of this journey.

What I’m reading are complaints from viewers that Jackson took a wonderful book and ran it into the ground. That he’s dragging out the story into three installments for the sake of money. But I have to say that they are completely wrong. The book may not take long to read, but it takes a couple times of rereading it to understand the book in its entirety. This book is the reason for the epic story that is The Lord of the Rings. It’s a very good reason to divvy up the story into three films.

I’m also reading complaints that Jackson has been adding too much. One review I read, from Christopher Orr of The Atlantic, said that The Hobbit was bad fan fiction. Now I don’t care for Christopher Orr, I’ve read other reviews of his and I always feel like he’s missing the point. He seems like that critic that knows it’s a popular movie and wants to write a controversial review.

“Whether through ego, avarice, or unchecked enthusiasm, Jackson has entered deep into the realm of fan fiction. Indeed, having granted himself boundless license to reimagine, he seems to have begun reimagining even his own reimaginings.”

Mr. Orr, you couldn’t be more wrong. In a book, it’s easy to discuss and explain a back story, or make sense of what happened previously. It’s much harder in a film where most people aren’t going to understand. These “reimaginings” of Jackson’s are put there for the viewer to get what else is happening at the same time Thorin is attempting to retake his home.

The Hobbit has everything to do with the LOTR series. Had Bilbo not found the ring and stolen it from Gollum (I’m a believer in Bilbo’s theft of the ring) then everything would have been different. Bilbo may have died in the journey had he not made use of the ring’s cloaking abilities. The ring made use of Bilbo and put him in situations in which he would rely on the ring more and more, all with the goal of getting back to its master…Sauron.

You can hate on Jackson’s work all you want. I cannot stop you. It’s your opinion and you’re welcome to have it. But I just believe that if one is going to complain about the length Jackson has made these films, you should understand the purpose for doing so. And Christopher Orr calling it “bad fan fiction” is far from the truth. Jackson had the license to do what he wanted with story, and he could have thrown in lightsabers if he wanted to, but Jackson added in things that he believed would give the film’s viewers a back story that would only have been offered by the book had he not included the scenes.

So thank you guys for reading my first rant on this blog. There are plenty more to come, and if you liked it, I’d like to know what you liked about it and if you would enjoy more. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (it’s on the left sidebar of the blog) and be sure to add me to your Google+ circles, I add back! Thank you again for reading.