New Year’s Eve

Hey guys! It’s New Year’s Eve and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions! Woohoo! Am I too excited, or does no one care anymore?

There’s something magical about New Year’s Eve. Being caught in the history of this year, and marveling at the history the next will bring. We honor those who died yesterday, but even prepare for the deaths tomorrow. New Year’s Eve is magical, and I’m always happy to see it.

Let me tell you guys a story that happened to me this year (it’s gonna get pretty serious). Earlier this year, I had a hospital scare, and was admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis. Never heard of it before? It’s a nasty thing, and the worst part is that this was my second time. I had it before four years ago.

The pain wasn’t as bad as the first time, and I originally thought, nah, it’s just that new stomach bug everyone is talking about, I don’t have to worry about it. Well, I did.

We called my gastroenterologist, and he didn’t think that there was going to be much to worry about either. And my doctor told them to admit me to the hospital because my enzyme levels were extremely high.

I was in a state of panic. “Oh my God, this is going to become Chronic Pancreatitis. What do I do?” All the way to the hospital I was crying to my mom questions that I know she didn’t have the answer to.

Just like four years ago, I was in the hospital for around five days, but unlike last time, no G-Tubing down my nose, and I didn’t vomit with the crappy stuff that they make you drink for CT Scans. I thought this acute thing would maybe just blow over with no worries.

Everything went normal in the hospital but we ran some tests we didn’t run before. They tested me for something genetic. And as it turns out, the pancreatitis was a symptom of my Cystic Fibrosis.

This past September 17, 2013 I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I was more prepared for the result than my mother was. I took all the time I could not to worry about the results, saying I’m athletic, and I’m smart, and I will get through this.

It’s brought a lot of heartache not only to myself, but to my entire family. And the few friends of mine that know the results worry about me. However, through all the other tests, my doctors say my exercise capacity is 125%. My lung function is near perfect (astounding for a CF patient) but with chronic changes that would raise questions in a “normal” child.

Through all this, I realize that I’ve been fighting something my entire life. And my entire life, I’ve been winning. It’s emotional for me to share this story because even when I say “I have Cystic Fibrosis”, I almost want to cry because I never thought I would say that.

But what I want you guys to get out of this is that a New Year comes and the Old Year goes. And even while the diagnosis put a downer on me this year. A lot of great things to be proud of happened. And it leads me to make my Resolution this:

To be a resilient human being. To be someone people look to in times of great distress. If Cystic Fibrosis can’t hurt my dreams, then do everything I can to achieve those dreams, and help others along the way.

This story is not to create a shift in the way I want to take this blog. This blog remains entirely entertainment oriented. But even the most fun loving people have a story to share.

I don’t share this story with many people for a reason. I don’t look for sympathy, because people look at you different when they feel sorry for you. But a New Year is coming. And I think we all could use a little inspiration to give us that special push for the great things to come in 2014.


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