Why Blog?

I think everyone who owns a blog should write a post like this. I don’t know if I’m writing it too early, but I thought it’d be a cool thing to write about.

I blog because I enjoy talking about things that interest me. I don’t even talk about all those interests because the purpose of this specific blog is to not have to be serious about anything I do. I write because I want to on here, not to advertise or make a profit, but to build up a network of bloggers and friends to talk to about the things we love and maybe one day work on a viable venture that could lead to some income.

Many people have made it big blogging, and I’m not looking to create the next Huffington Post or Gawker, I just want to create a blog that generates at least a decent readership of people who love entertainment.

Do I hope to one day make money writing? Well, that would be the easiest job for me to do and I would enjoy doing it. But right now, it’s not about the money, it’s about the blog, and the content. Just because I don’t make any money doesn’t mean the blog shouldn’t make quality posts. Everybody has their humble beginnings, and I’m hoping that That’s What I Like can be my very own beginning. The blog’s not going to be around forever, that’s for sure. I’m going to want to move on to other things, and blog about other things one day, but I hope that if I ever do become a well known writer, that people can remember this blog, and think of it as my  humble beginning.

This blog can very easily fail. Without dedication, it will be nothing. But with dedication, the blog can mean everything. And I think anyone who has a vision for the world, or just a love for something, they should create a blog. Those are the people who inspire me. They want to create something where they can share their voice and be heard on the topics that they care about. I care about their opinions more than I care about some movie critic’s opinions, or any mainstream news media’s opinions.

Power to the people, and the blogosphere attest to that. I created a blog to be heard and to create a network of people that I may one day be able to work with. Why do you blog?


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